High-frequency RF and microwave circuits require a different approach in the design process than a standard printed circuit board. The AWR product line is tailored for these applications and works in conjunction with the OrCAD and Allegro design flow for PCB.  The AWR products are used for radio frequency (RF), microwave and high frequency analog circuits and system design. Typical applications include mobile, navigation, and satellite communications systems, antennas of various kinds (WLAN-IoT, 5G, WiFi-6, ...), radar systems and RF power devices.

Cadence's RF/microwave design tools, such as the Cadence AWR Design Environment platform, AWR Microwave Office software, AWR Visual System Simulator (VSS) communications and radar systems design software, AWR AXIEM 3D Planar EM Analysis, and AWR Analyst 3D FEM EM analysis, address these challenges with electrical/physical co-design through RF-aware device models, electromagnetic (EM) analysis along with specialized circuit simulation technology, and design support aids. RF product development also may require system-level analysis to simulate the behavior within a radar and communications link.

AWR RF/Microwave Design Solutions

AWR Design Environment

Design platform provides RF/microwave engineers with integrated high-frequency circuit, system, and EM simulation technologies and design automation to develop physically realizable electronics ready for manufacturing.

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AWR Microwave Office (MWO)

Circuit design software with intuitive interface, innovative design automation, and powerful harmonic-balance circuit simulation ensure greater engineering productivity and accelerated design cycles of RF/microwave IP across monolithic microwave IC (MMIC), RF PCB. 

Cadence Microwave Office circuit design software is used by leading manufacturers to develop high-frequency electronics. RF-aware layout, high-frequency models, and a powerful harmonic balance (HB) simulator ensure accurate and fast simulation results for first-pass success.

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AWR Visual System Simulator (VSS)

RF/wireless communications and radar system design software supports VSWR-aware modeling of RF and DSP blocks, providing time-domain, frequency-domain, and circuit-envelope analyses. With AWR VSS software, wireless design teams apply behavioral, impedance-aware RF models and baseband signal processing blocks to develop and optimize system architectures and determine component specifications for best overall performance. Users can simulate system metrics such as adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), bit-error rate (BER), and error vector magnitude (EVM) with pre-configured and user-defined virtual testbenches.

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AWR Axiem 3D Planar

3D planar method-of-moments (MoM) EM analysis simulator addresses passive structures, transmission lines, large planar antennas, and patch arrays. AWR AXIEM analysis delivers the accuracy, capacity, and speed designers need to characterize and optimize passive components on RF PCBs, modules, LTCCs, MMICs, RFICs, and antennas.

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AWR Analyst Software

3D finite-element method (FEM) EM simulation and analysis software accelerates high-frequency product development from early physical design characterization through to full 3DEM verification. The advanced solver technology provides fast and accurate analysis of the 3D structures/interconnects found in today's complex high-frequency electronics.

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