IPACK Solutions offers a comprehensive software suite from Cadence that spans the entire range of physics, providing highly accurate electromagnetic extraction and simulation analysis to ensure your system works under wide-ranging operating conditions.

Today’s high-performance electronic systems are being driven by ever-increasing complexity and density that require designers to consider issues of electromagnetic interference (EMI) / electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), as well as power integrity (PI), signal integrity (SI), and thermal integrity.  

Simulation Software Solutions

SI/PI Simulation_Sigrity

Integrated with Cadence PCB and IC package design tools, the Sigrity solutions for signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) provide advanced analysis both pre- and post-layout. Operating early in the design cycle allows for “what if” scenario exploration, sets more accurate design constraints, and reduces design iterations. Sigrity tools read and write directly to the Allegro PCB and IC package design database for fast and accurate integration of results. It provides a SPICE-based simulator and embedded field solvers for extraction of 2D and 3D structures. It supports transistor-level and behavioral I/O modeling, including power-aware simulation using IBIS models. Parallel bus and serial channel architecture can be explored pre-layout to compare alternatives, or post-layout for a comprehensive analysis of all associated signals.

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Thermal Simulation_Celsius

Celsius Thermal Solver seamlessly integrates with Cadence IC, package, and Allegro PCB platforms. Fast and accurate parallel simulation enables new system analysis and design insights and empowers electrical design teams to detect and mitigate thermal issues early in the design process - reducing electronic system development iterations. Engineers can combine Cadence Celsius and Sigrity in an accurate electrical and thermal co-simulation (steady-state and transient) system-level thermal simulation for PCB and IC-Packaging based on the actual flow of electrical power.

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Clarity 3D Solver

Clarity 3D Solver is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software tool for designing critical interconnects for PCBs, IC packages, and system on IC (SoIC) designs. Clarity 3D Solver resolve the most complex electromagnetic (EM) challenges when designing systems for 5G, wifi-6, high-performance computing (HPC), and machine learning applications with gold-standard accuracy. This multiprocessing technology enables to deliver virtually unlimited capacity and 10X speed required to efficiently and effectively address these larger and more complex structures. It creates highly accurate S-parameter models for use in SI, PI, and EMC analysis, enabling simulation results that match lab measurement, even at 112Gbps+ data transfer speeds.

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